Baltimore Ravens: Reaction to Day Two Selections


Ozzie Newsome has done it again. After a shaky first round selection, he goes back to his old ways and makes two great value picks. Here’s my insight on the two Ravens selections from yesterday.

Maxx Williams TE Minnesota (2nd Round):

After waiting for most of the second round hoping Williams would fall to the Ravens, Ozzie could wait no more. He made the decision to jump bitter rival Pittsburgh Steelers from pick 58 to pick 55 to secure the Maxx Williams selection. I am absolutely in love with this selection. It come with great value, and covers one of their biggest needs. I had Williams going to the Ravens at No. 26 in my final mock draft, and the Ravens were able to nab him 29 picks later. Dennis Pitta’s status is still up in the air and even if Pitta does return, it just gives Joe Flacco another toy to play with. The happiest man in the Ravens organization right now is probably Flacco. The Ravens with their first three selections last season went all defense, now finally the Ravens go back to offensive weapons with their first two selections.

Grade: A+

Carl Davis DT Iowa (Third Round):

In the 2014 NFL Draft, Ozzie made a surprising selection in the second round by selecting Timmy Jernigan. The Ravens had no need for a defensive tackle, but Ozzie Newsome took the best player on the board and that selection has paid off. Haloti Ngata was traded in the offseason because of a very high cap figure, but because of the Jernigan pick there was no panic at all. I’m not sure if Ozzie can see into the future, but sometimes is sure does look like it. Carl Davis, was another great selection. He had second round value, and fell to the Ravens lap in the third. He brings depth to the defensive front behind Brandon Williams and Timmy Jernigan. Davis is a good old fashioned run stuffer, but did also have three and a half sacks. He is a big body and gets up-field as well as any of the defensive tackles in this draft.

Grade: A

Experts Reaction: reporter Ryan Mink, also loved the Maxx Wiliams selection. It is not totally often that teams are able to fill their needs without reaching a few picks for that player.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated also agree the Ravens really hit this pick. He even says the Maxx Williams selection makes their draft. There seems to be little controversy on the feelings of how great this pick is for the Ravens.

Joe Marino, NFL Draft Analyst at loves this pick for the Ravens. He points out the high quality value for the selection, along with the overall consensus that the Ravens always get great value in their best player available strategy.

As I stated earlier, Carl Davis is known as a run stuffer but is one of the better pass rushing defensive tackles in this draft class. Pro Football Focus using their advanced statistical system came up with this stat that makes you wonder how Carl Davis did fall all the way to the latter end of the third round.

Fan Reaction:

We agree with Chris.

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