Jimmy Fallon jokes about NFL Uber driver A.J. Francis


Jimmy Fallon takes a shot at former Terp turned NFL player/Uber driver.

Earlier this week, former Terrapin and current Miami Dolphin A.J. Francis sent out a tweet about applying for a new job.

Of course after the tweet hit the web, people started asking the obvious question…WHY?

Why would a professional athlete who makes a decent amount of money want to get a part-time job driving people around Miami?

Francis, who is known for being a character on Twitter gave the would his answer.

Have you ever heard the saying “mo money, mo problems”? Neither has Francis.

Some people apparently think that a professional athlete should not work such a job. What happened to being productive and having a strong work ethic is what Francis asked his followers.

In one day, Francis’ new job venture was the talk of the news.

With all the free publicity for Uber, it had Francis saying, “Show me the money”.

Uber responded in a very Uber way.

And then, two days after applying for the job and with all the media attention, A.J. Francis became an Uber driver.

So, if you’re in South Florida, be sure to put a request in for a ride; A.J. Francis might be your chauffeur.

On Friday night, this story got even better with Jimmy Fallon getting in on the action.

The Dolphins probably didn’t find the jab too funny, but Francis didn’t seem to mind.

All in all, the past couple of days have probably been fun for the former Maryland Terrapin player.

It is nice to see an NFL player who is down to Earth and not afraid to be a regular guy looking to make a little extra cash.

Meeting new people and seeing South Florida will be a part of Francis’ offseason workout and hopefully we will hear more stories of his adventures as an Uber driver very soon.

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