Baltimore Orioles Tough to Watch Right Now


Apr 24, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Miguel Gonzalez (50) takes a moment on the pitcher’s mound after surrendering a three-run home run to David Ortiz.

You ever hear about Murphy’s Law?  Everything that can go, will go wrong. Well, at this point that is the case right now for the Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles’ struggles continued on Friday night. Base running errors, errors in the field, walking leadoff hitters, walking people with two outs.  These are things the team did not do the past few years.

And the pitching is pretty bad.  In fact, it reminds me a lot of the 2013 season. The starters are really floundering.  They aren’t going deep into games.  And even if they do, they are allowing way too many home runs and not getting shutdown innings after the Orioles score.

The bullpen is coming in, and all-too-often, surrendering runs. Zach Britton has been good, but you have to actually get to him.  Everyone else has either struggled and is improving (Tommy Hunter, Brad Brach) or is continuing to struggle (read Brian Matusz, Darren O’Day).

As I write this, Chris Davis hits a solo home run in the eighth, but he has had a very difficult year with a ton of strikeouts.

Alejandro De Aza is striking out way too much as a leadoff hitter. Manny Machado is hitting better, but looks a little tentative at times too.

J.J. Hardy, Ryan Flaherty, Jonathan Schoop…all on the DL. And Hardy and Schoop are badly missed, as I watch Everth Cabrera botch a ball.

Jimmy Paredes has been hitting well. Adam Jones has proven he is one of the best in baseball.

But, in the end, this team just doesn’t have it all together right now. There are rays of hope, but as the kids like to say, the struggle is real.

I have faith that the team will turn it around, but right now it doesn’t look good.

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