Where is the Best Place for Kevin Gausman?


Mar 10, 2015; Sarasota, FL, USA; Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Kevin Gausman (39) pitches during a spring training game against the New York Yankees at Ed Smith Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles appear like they are leaning toward putting prized prospect Kevin Gausman in the bullpen to start the season, and that is a move some fans don’t agree with.

I think there are three options on where Gausman could be next year.

First, is in the Baltimore Orioles rotation.  As I addressed here the other day, there are six spots for five people. Don’t even think about a six man rotation, not happening.  I think Bud Norris could be ticketed for the bullpen.

However, comments Buck Showalter made on Thursday make it appear Gausman could be the one headed to the bullpen. I’m actually ok with this. It keeps him with the team, it allows him to work with Buck Showalter, Dave Wallace and the major league staff.

It also allows the team to limit his innings on the front end, so he has more innings available come September and October. If Gausman is sent down, he will be a starter and likely will have to have shortened starts. But, in the majors and coming out of the bullpen, that is not an issue. Gausman, as Buck likes to say, will have plenty of bullets left for the playoffs.

As alluded to, the other option is for AAA Norfolk. This would allow Gausman to be a starter and work on refining and improving his stuff every five days. I don’t have a problem with this move either, if that is what has to happen.

HOWEVER, if Gausman starts in the minors, once he is called to the majors, he needs to stay there.  For the rest of his career. If he is called up due to injury, then once the injured player comes back, he goes to the bullpen. No more riding the Norfolk shuttle for KG.

Personally, I think that Gausman should be in the majors. Put Norris, who isn’t the future of the team, in the bullpen. However, Norris is a veteran, a bulldog that is loved by his teammates.

Whatever the team does, Gausman needs to understand it. He is the future of this rotation, at least part of it, and the team needs to let him know that.