Uni Watch Power Rankings: Where do the Orioles rank?

All 30 Major League Baseball uniforms have been ranked for the upcoming 2015 season. See how the Orioles and the rest of the A.L. East fared….

Last week, ESPN columnist and Uni Watch editor Paul Lukas gave us his 2015 Major League Baseball uniform power rankings.

So, how did the Orioles fare compared to the rest of the American League East in regards to their work attire?

Well, even though Lukas has the Orioles uniforms ranked at #13, the Tampa Bay Rays are the only A.L. East team behind them.

Here is how the A.L. East landed in this year’s Uni Watch power rankings, along with commentary from Paul Lukas.

2015 Uni Watch Power Rankings | A.L. East

(4) Toronto Blue Jays

2014 Ranking: 8

Uni Watch Comments: “Yeesh, remember this old look? It’s now clear that the Jays’ 2012 makeover was the best MLB redesign in recent memory. This set is beginning to feel like a modern classic — here’s hoping they stay with it for a long, long time.”

(6) New York Yankees

2014 Ranking: 7

Uni Watch Comments: “Back in 1999, when other teams wore those futuristic unis that were supposed to show what baseball would look like in the year 2021, the Yankees declined to participate, with owner George Steinbrenner saying: “We’re already wearing the uniform we’ll be wearing in 2021.” It appears he will turn out to have been right. But we docked them a notch for occasionally wearing batting practice caps during regular-season games, something this team should never do.”

(9) Boston Red Sox

2014 Ranking: 16

Uni Watch Comments: “Why the big jump for the BoSox in this year’s Power Rankings? Because of the new road uni that was introduced last year — a big upgrade. They’d move up even higher if they’d just get rid of that garish red alternate jersey, which they’ve been inexplicably clinging to for a dozen years.”

(13) Baltimore Orioles

2014 Ranking: 9

Uni Watch Comments: “The Orioles’ current home caps and helmets, with the white panel in the front, were a big hit here at Uni Watch HQ when they were reintroduced in 2012. But it’s time to admit the hard truth: The white panel was really fun in the 1970s but doesn’t work so well today. In fact, it feels a bit rinky-dink, like something a minor league team would wear. Still, a decent-looking set (black and orange work so well together), but they should go back to a conventional headwear template.”

(16) Tampa Bay Rays

2014 Ranking: 18

Uni Watch Comments: “This set, which initially felt pleasant enough but too plain, has accrued some gravitas now that the Rays have worn it for a few seasons. One cause for concern, though: A lot of this franchise’s appeal, visual and otherwise, seemed to flow from Joe Maddon’s endearingly goofy presence as its manager. Now that he’s gone, will the unis feel too plain again?”


Just a reminder, these rankings are from the analysis of one man. We could debate back and forth on this topic for a long time. Some people prefer a modern feel while others fancy the classic look.

Wherever you fall, it’s hard not to say that the AL East teams have some pretty good looking uniforms.

In regards to the Orioles’ uniforms, I disagree with Paul Lukas on the white panel. I think it gives the Orioles’ home uniform a clean look and makes for a great batting helmet.

The cartoon bird is great look as well! It has so much history with championship teams that it should forever don the caps of Baltimore baseball players.

What are your thoughts on the rankings? Do you like the current Orioles look or would you like to see changes in the future? Let us know your thoughts!