Baltimore Ravens: WR’s, TE’s, and RB’s to Consider

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Draftable Wide Receivers

Devin Smith (9) runs past Navy Midshipmen cornerback Quincy Adams (5) during the first quarter at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports” width=”850″ height=”566″ />

Devin Smith: I think Devin Smith is the reason that Ohio State saw no drop-off in production from quarterback to quarterback this year when the injury bug got anxious. He is a straight-line speed, take the top off of the defense type of guy. If his skill set translates, Smith will eventually take a corner and safety out of the coverage. He can break off a comeback or hitch every few downs to keep the defense honest too which makes him an even bigger threat to the defense on double moves.

I am not at all a Torrey Smith fan, and I think Devin Smith could be better than him and start to come out of his shell toward the end of the year. If he is still available at the end of the first round, I would be heartbroken to see the Ravens pass on him because I think he is that big a deal coming into the NFL.

Stefon Diggs: A mid-round player that all Baltimoreans would love to see go from College Park to M&T Bank next year. Diggs is athletic, fast, and has as high a ceiling as any wide receiver in the draft. He could be available this late due to the average to below-average quarterback play at Maryland last year. Had he gone to one of the bigger schools that offered him he could be a first-round selection.

Diggs has all the tools to be a great player: he can play the slot, play outside, and run the ball from time to time. He could give the Ravens some of the versatility they have been starving for as of late on offense.

Phillip Dorsett: TY Hilton, DeSean Jackson, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders: All small guys that didn’t go as high in the draft as they should have. The Ravens absolutely can’t pass on Phillip Dorsett in the second or third round. Possibly the fastest player in the draft, Dorsett is a guy to look out for at the fastest 40 time. P

hillip Dorsett would be great in a Joe Flacco offense because he is fast enough to get open deep and run underneath of some of the moon shots Joe likes to throw. He would have the advantage of learning from a Hall of Fame tiny receiver in Steve Smith and being taught how he fits into the zones in the defense. Dorsett could be the best option for the Ravens in a while at the wide receiver spot in the draft.