Baltimore Ravens: WR’s, TE’s, and RB’s to Consider

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The Baltimore Ravens have a considerably large need for the addition of wide receivers, running backs, and a tight end or two this offseason. With Marc Trestman coming in as the new offensive coordinator, athleticism, versatility, and speed in the backfield and on the edges will be priorities going into training camp and the 2015-16 regular season.

With key contributors Torrey Smith, Owen Daniels, and Justin Forsett all reaching free agency in the same offseason, the addition of offensive skilled position players is a must. Due to both the running back and receiving corps possibly being emptied out through cuts and the inability to bank on Dennis Pitta staying healthy enough to contribute at tight end, it is foreseeable that the Ravens front office and coaching staff would look to add not only through the draft but also in free agency.

With Joe Flacco going into the third year of his lucrative contract, he will look to produce at a top-ten level and gain elite quarterback status. His back loaded contract will really start to affect the cap next year when his base salaries for 2016-18 are: $18 mil, $20.6 mil, and $20 mil respectively.

Having come off of his best year to date with a QBR of 67.3 and a passer rating of 91, and in anticipation of Flacco putting up career numbers, the Ravens should look to capitalize on this season and add as much talent offensively as possible. Flacco only makes $4 mil in base salary this year, so if ever there were a time to add as many quality players as possible this is certainly it.

It just so happens that the field for talented players and prospects is deep this year, so I’ll outline a few players worth a look in free agency, and some players that deserve some attention during the combine.