Baltimore Ravens: Weather could have impact Saturday


The forecasts for Saturday night’s Wild Card matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers have came out. A mix of rain and snow has been predicted for Saturday night, with a 50% chance of precipitation. Though the temperatures likely won’t be cold enough for any snow to stick to the ground, it will still be a cold, windy, and slippery night in the Steel City.

If these forecasts hold true, then the absence of starting running back Le’Veon Bell would hurt Pittsburgh even more. The reason is very simple: When you are playing in games with bad conditions, the running backs become that much more vital to your success.

It is not easy to throw against the wind, but windiness does not affect the rushing game. In most cases, whoever has the advantage in running game in these types of games has the advantage overall.

Now, I’m not sure if this is true about this matchup, because the Steelers still have a huge advantage in the passing game. However, if Bell were to miss this game, then the Ravens would have Justin Forsett on their side, who lead running backs in yards-per-carry this year, while the Steelers would have to start the recently-acquired Ben Tate, who has been on three different teams this season.

I think it’s pretty clear who I would take in that situation.

So, if rain and wind did come into play on Saturday, that would definitely be to the Ravens’ advantage. And we all know that in these matchups between Baltimore and Pittsburgh, you will take any advantage you can get, no matter how minuscule it might be.

At the same time, both of these teams have never had problems playing in the elements or the low temperatures, as they have to play in them so often. With that being said, still expect Big Ben and company to make big plays down the field and give this depleted secondary of the Baltimore Ravens a hard time.

The excitement and anticipation will only build up, as we get ready for Wild Card weekend and the start of the 2014 NFL postseason.