Stating the obvious: Week 14 is a Must Win for the Baltimore Ravens


I know that all of you are well aware of this, but the Baltimore Ravens must win in Miami next week to hold any chance of making the playoffs. They do not have to win out, but they have to win this game.

The reason that I say that is this: The Ravens lost a huge game to the San Diego Chargers this past Sunday. If they would have held on to their 10-point fourth quarter lead and taken that game, they would not only hold a record of 8-4, but would have the tiebreaker with the Chargers. If the Ravens would have been victorious, this would have been a bonus game for Baltimore.

Unfortunately for the Ravens, San Diego pulled out a 34-33 victory in M&T Bank Stadium, forcing the Ravens to win next week’s game in the Sunshine State. At 7-5, the Ravens are in a six-way tie for the sixth seed in the AFC. If you want to play the tiebreaker-game, then the Dolphins currently hold that elusive second wild card.

With that being said, the Ravens can ill afford to fall a game behind Miami, or anyone else for that matter. They can also not bear to lose yet another tiebreaker to one more with whom they are battling for playoff contention. That is why this week’s game is so big for both sides.

I might be one of few people to say this, but the Baltimore Ravens do NOT have to win all four of their remaining games in order to make the playoffs. If they win next week, and then go 2-1 over the last three games, I think they will still advance to the postseason with a 10-6 record.

However, next week is a game that they must win and it won’t be easy. Joe Flacco and this explosive Ravens rushing game will be going up against the 6th-ranked defense of the Miami Dolphins. They have not faced a team with such a high-ranked defense this season, so Week 14’s game will be quite a challenge for Justin Forsett and company.

However, somehow, someway, the Ravens are going to have to find a way to win this football game.