Baltimore Ravens: Terrell Suggs Approaches 100 Sacks


The mighty Terrell Suggs, Baltimore Ravens perennial linebacker, is looking to add another accomplishment to his resume: 100 career sacks. With the departure of the legendary Ray Lewis, Suggs has stepped up as the leader of this defense and with a Super Bowl win under his belt looks to reach yet another milestone in his quest for the Hall of Fame.

Terrell Suggs currently sits at 99.5 sacks. Still the veteran pass-rushers seems “baseball-level superstitious” as he does not talk about it and wants none of his teammates or coaches to jinx it. I can understand that. After all, there are only 30 players in the NFL’s history to reach 100 sacks; and this is a list that boasts Bruce Smith, Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, and Simeon Rice. Eclipsing the 100 mark definitely drives up Suggs’ value in the Hall of Fame discussion.

It is understandable this hasn’t been talked about much. Up to this point historically, Ravens linebackers have played in the shadow of Ray Lewis. We’re not saying that players accomplishments go unnoticed in Baltimore, but given Terrell’s soft-spoken nature about his body of work and playing his best years alongside Ray, it’s no surprise we don’t see Suggs in front of a camera every chance he gets talking about his play.

So will T Sizzle get to 100? Obviously, yes he will. Suggs is 32 and still playing at the top of his game on the field every down. Only half a sack away, I think the appropriate question isn’t so much will he get to 100, but when will he get to 100? I was apprehensive at first about Suggs coming out of the tunnel adorning the gladiator helmet. Now I kinda like it.

Personally, I hope the prized sack comes in the postseason. Baltimore is having a so-far-successful but nevertheless-tough season in the most competitive division in football. T Sizzle’s 100th sack in the postseason just has such a nice ring to it.

We here in the Baltimore Ravens’ community have greatly appreciated Terrell Suggs’ contributions to the franchise. Eclipsing 100 career sacks brings Suggs one step closer to Canton.