Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans: Game Preview


The next opponent on the Baltimore Ravens upcoming schedule should produce a sigh of relief from the team. After two tough losses to two division rivals, the Ravens will head back home and host the 2-6 Tennessee Titans.

It will be a game that comes at a perfect time for Baltimore, as they need to re-group and get back to playing Ravens’ football. What better way to do that then facing a 2-6 team at home?

This Titans team is among the most unknown in the league, because it’s not the same team of old. When the Ravens faced this team in the playoffs in 2009, the Titans held the best record in the league that season. Their roster contains of none of the same players from that year though.

The Titans took quarterback Jake Locker out of Washington in the 2011 draft, and it has been an injury-prone career for him so far. When has has played, he has performed pretty well.

In 2012, his first year as the starting quarterback, he threw for 2,176 yards, ten touchdowns and 11 interceptions. I think you see the problem there though. He threw for more interceptions than touchdowns, and throughout his career, turnovers have been a bit of a problem. In the first four seasons of his career combined, he has thrown 26 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

He is a talented guy, and the Titans shouldn’t be blamed for putting their trust into his hands. But until he proves he is a worthy starting quarterback in the NFL, he isn’t.

That’s why Zach Mettenberger has taken over as the starter for Tennessee. If his first start is any indication, Mettenberger isn’t ready for prime time.

As for the Ravens, they shouldn’t have such a tough time defeating this team. Starting running back Justin Forsett will be going up against the 25th-ranked rushing defense of the Tennessee Titans, which should make his job a whole lot easier. Their defense is ranked 17th overall though, which is pretty respectable.

Everyone has been telling me this the past week: “If the Ravens lose this week, they’re done.” I thank them for stating the obvious, but I also say that it doesn’t make a difference, because they are not going to lose.

I can’t guarantee anything, but in must-win situations, the Ravens always come through. And in this case, against a 2-6 team, I don’t see any scenario where they don’t pull this out.