Darius Kilgo: Maryland Terrapins NFL Draft Scouting Report


Darius Kilgo is a 6’3 319 pound senior defensive tackle for the Maryland Terrapins who is considered a mid-late pick in the 2015 NFL draft. When watching Kilgo’s film there are a couple things that stand out. Let’s start with the positives.

The biggest positive I saw on Kilgo’s tape was his relentlessness/high motor. Kilgo has that unteachable effort, never giving up on the play. Both of his sacks on the year have come from his relentless effort. His sack against Iowa really showed how Kilgo never gives up on any play.

The second positive from his film is his push off of the line. If he can get lower than the opposing offensive lineman, then he will take them for a ride. His best game was against Iowa where he notched five solo tackles and one sack. It’s a good sign that he had his best game against one of the harder games on the Terrapins schedule.

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Finally, one of the last positives I saw was his very good run pursuit angles. Kilgo is a very smart player. When breaking down his film it always appears that he knows where the run is going. Kilgo often gets double teamed but he still manages to get a solid a push and forces runners into his teammates.

There are some negatives on Kilgo’s tape as well. The most astounding negative on his tape is how inconsistent he can be. He often stands up too quickly, relying on his upper body strength to get leverage. Kilgo always gets leverage when he starts low and uses his lower body strength, but there are often times when he gets stood up because he starts too high. If he can fix this and stay low, he will get more national attention as a prospect.

Also, he relies on his bull rush move way too much as a pass rusher. He lacks multiple pass rush moves. He uses his hands well at the point of attack and uses the occasional spin move, but he becomes very predictable to offensive linemen.

Finally, Kilgo also looks very slow off the snap. On many occasions he was the last one to jump off the snap, which causes him to fall behind on the play and miss the chance to get the runner in the backfield.

Kilgo will definitely be used as a 0-1 technique NT tackle in the NFL because of his size and bull rush abilities. Kilgo can be a very quality run stuffer if he gets lower than the man blocking him. He is constantly pushing his blockers in the backfield and is a huge disruption in the run game.

Grade: 4th-5th Round