Baltimore Orioles: 2014 Predictions that were WRONG

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Sep 16, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Orioles clinch the AL East championship after a game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The Orioles defeated the Jays 8-2. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Prediction for the Team Finish

I called for Tampa Bay to be a narrow winner over the Orioles in the AL East, but with the O’s in the playoffs as a wild card. Here are my standings predictions, which were almost exactly the same as what Steve Melewski of MASN wrote about the same time…

Tampa Bay – 95-67

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  • Baltimore – 92-70

    Boston – 87-75

    New York – 81-81

    Toronto – 78-84

    Wow… so, I really blew it, eh?  Well, underestimating the Orioles’ win total by four games is not that bad! Injuries killed the Rays and Red Sox. The Yankees were not much better than this prediction, but the Jays were beyond projections made by most people.

    my predictions were certainly better than those of ESPN

    To make myself feel and look somewhat better, let me tell you that ESPN The Magazine, in their baseball preview edition, wrote that the Orioles would finish dead last in the division with a 77-85 record. For the record, whoever wrote that gets paid a lot more than I do! So stick with me here on The Baltimore Wire today and every day, and just right now click through the next two pages of other predictions that I admit were not totally correct.