Baltimore Ravens: Midseason Grades for Every Player

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Defensive Linemen

Sep 28, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata (92) smiles during the game against the Carolina Panthers at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Haloti Ngata – A

Haloti Ngata needed a bounceback season after a down 2013, and he has had it so far. Ngata has excelled at pushing the pocket, making life easier for the Ravens’ trio of edge rushers, and he has dominated in the ground game. Perhaps most impressively, the big guy has managed two fat-man interceptions. His two interceptions are tied for the team lead.

There are few defensive linemen who impact the game the way Haloti Ngata has this season. He is definitely in line for another Pro Bowl selection.

Brandon Williams – A

Full disclosure: Brandon Williams has rapidly become my favorite player on the Ravens. I love players who dominate with a combination of brute force and effort, and Williams has both of those in spades. He tosses offensive linemen around like a rag doll, especially in the ground game where he is basically unblockable.

Williams has 25 tackles, an impressive number for a nose tackler who typically is used more to tie up opposing linemen than to make plays. His ridiculously long and strong arms have made Williams a big-time nose tackle who hopefully will be with the Ravens for a long time.

DeAngelo Tyson – C

DeAngelo Tyson has always flashed promise, and this season has been no different. Unfortunately, Tyson has had to bite off a bigger role than he can chew, starting in relief of Chris Canty. Tyson was not ready for the increased role, and it shows. He doesn’t excel in any one area, but is passable in run defense and in the pass rush. He would be best served as a platoon guy, though.

Chris Canty – B

When healthy, Chris Canty has been a perfectly acceptable starter at defensive end. Canty hasn’t played since Week 4, though. The Ravens need him back healthy.

Timmy Jernigan – B+

Like Canty, healthy has been the key for Timmy Jernigan, who has looked really good when healthy. Jernigan has played a very limited role in the four games he’s been healthy for, and he has done well in those games. The Ravens need to see more out of him in the pass rush, as his above-average lateral agility should allow him to be an impact player in those situations. All told, though, I thought Jernigan was raw and would struggle as a rookie, so he has exceeded my expectations.

Lawrence Guy – C

Here is the definition of “Just a guy.” Lawrence Guy has actually played a pretty big role the past couple weeks, but he has not done much with the playing time.