Is the AFC North the best division in the NFL?


There was a time not too long ago when the AFC North was seen as easily the best division in football. I think the best way to tell which is the best division in the NFL is if three teams from that respective division make the playoffs that year.

Since the division realignment in 2002, the Ravens and Steelers have made the playoffs seven times, the Bengals have made it four times and, finally, the Browns have made it once.

Even ESPN has stirred the debate on the AFC North being the best division in the NFL.

I do believe the AFC North is definitely the most competitive division right now in the NFL. It’s hard to argue when every team is over .500 that it is not the most competitive in football right now. It is only the half way point of the season, but all four teams are definitely in playoff contention and you cannot say that about most divisions, if any.

The NFC West has made some major leaps, now being considered perhaps the best division in football. The Arizona Cardinals are the surprise 6-1 leader in that division, the Seattle Seahawks are not looking like the team that won the Super Bowl last year, as they sit at 4-3.

I do agree that the NFC West may be the most top-heavy talented division in football, but I do not believe that they are overall the most well-rounded division.

That title belongs to the AFC North.

I believe that right now, the AFC North is the best division in football. The AFC North and NFC West are the only divisions that have a chance to send three teams to the playoffs when January comes along. All of the teams in the AFC North do in fact have a winning record, which shows they play well against teams across the NFL.

The struggle for the AFC North is simply survival in their own stacked division.