Let’s All Welcome Torrey Smith to the 2014 Season!


After getting off to a slow start to the 2014 season, Torrey Smith has come alive in the past few weeks. And I, for one, knew it was going to happen. Do you really think a guy with that much talent can be held totally stagnant throughout an entire season? Well, I don’t.

Through the first five weeks of the season, Smith hauled in just 11 passes for 176 yards and only one touchdown. Over the next two weeks, he would catch seven passes for 132 yards and three touchdowns. Do you see the difference?

I could list a couple of obvious reasons that explain why he is all of a sudden coming out of his shell. First of all, as I said before, he just has so much talent. He is going to make plays, because that’s what he does and that’s what he is – a play-maker.

Another potential reason could be due to the performances that Steve Smith Sr. was putting up in the first five weeks of the season. He recorded 100-plus receiving yards in four of the first five games, and thus, defenses had to worry about him more often. This likely led to Torrey Smith receiving more opportunities as defenses started to shift toward Smith Sr.

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  • The 25-year-old Torrey Smith has just started his career, and he has gotten it off to a fast start. After racking up over 800 receiving yards in the first two seasons of his career, he accumulated 1,128 yards through the air in 2013. He is taking the next step toward becoming a star receiver.

    It doesn’t take a football genius to see that this guy still has untapped potential. You take one look at him, with his speed and agility, and you know that he is something special. And guess what? He will only get better.

    His hands need to improve as does his route-running, but they already have started to see an elevation, and those parts of his game will only continue to improve from here on out.

    And the fact that Owen Daniels has been emerging will only help Torrey. He will attract the attention of defenders in the middle of the field, allowing Torrey to run freely over the middle. Running over the middle is a part of his game that he has to improve upon, but it can be a big weapon, as we saw against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Is he as good as A.J. Green? Not even close. Is he as good as Julio Jones? Still no. Is he in the next tier? Quite possibly. And although most of you might not think so, he will prove it to you in the coming years.

    He ran his 40-yard-dash in under 4.5 seconds, which few players can say about themselves. Speed is something that you can’t teach. You either have it or you don’t.

    To have that advantage and make improvements in other aspects of the game will make him a freak. Just wait and see. Torrey Smith will be a threat in this league for years to come.