Baltimore Ravens: Ray Rice could be reinstated in 2014


I thought this nightmare was over. I foolishly thought we were past this media frenzy-surrounded controversy and we could get on with the season. Think again, Brandon. Ray Rice could be coming back.

We’ve heard Ray Rice’s assault story so many times it seems a long time ago. Rice received a two-game suspension which soon turned to indefinite after a video surfaced on the internet of the former Raven running back striking his now wife, knocking her unconscious.

It’s hideous. It’s disgusting. And it’s something I personally have no tolerance for. Needless to say this impacted me very deeply happening to my beloved Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens released Rice, cut all ties, never looked backed, and due justice came in the football world.

Or so we thought.

Ray Rice could actually see his indefinite suspension lifted this season. Quite possibly in the next four weeks. Legal analysts have reported that Rice has a “strong case” in his appeal against the suspension and could thus reduce it to six weeks.

Rice’s lawyers argue that his truthfulness and cooperation during the process combined with being a first-time offender by new NFL policy results in a six-week suspension. Don’t even get me started on this new league policy and how Goddell clearly has no interest in protecting women (major eye roll).

I nearly choked on my meatball sub (spinach, tomatoes, onions, olives, and jalapenos) from Subway when I first heard the news on the radio. I -need to not listen to sports topics I’m overly passionate about on my lunch break, and also I am a first class name dropper.

Fortunately, even if this happens, things are still going to be painfully tough for Rice. We already know we will never see Ray Rice in a Ravens uniform and he will have the most difficult time convincing any team to sign him. NFL teams are well aware of the media backlash that surrounds signing a controversial player and personally I don’t think any of them will pick up Rice.

<Editor’s note – The Ray Rice controversy has been just that – a controversy with impassioned opinions all over the spectrum. As a Baltimore sports blog, it is difficult to leave it alone; but we are a SPORTS blog, not a cultural commentary blog. Our writers are representative of the differing opinions out there. Here is another take from our staff. Hopefully, this will be the last from us on Ray Rice. We are going to emphasize our bread and butter of sports analysis — commenting on what transpires on the field of play.>