Baltimore Ravens: All Time Top 5 Ravens Games

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Being one of the youngest teams coming into the league in 1996, one can easily argue the Baltimore Ravens are the most successful franchise in NFL history. Getting past the first three losing seasons, the Ravens have gone on to make winning their business. And the 2000’s have shown business is good. A team built on fundamentals, staff, and bone crushing defense, the Ravens are a ball club of Hall of Fame players and coaches with eyes set on making history. And here are the Top 5 games that got them there.

5) 2008 AFC Championship January 17, 2009

I know what you’re thinking, “Uhh Brandon, isn’t this about all-time top-five games? Why are you starting off with a loss?”

It’s true Baltimore did lose that game, but let me learn you something. This game is actually rather important to remember in Ravens history.

  • Joe Flacco‘s rookie year and thrust into the starting quarterback position right away.
  • Baltimore was consistently playing great defense with Ed Reed in his prime and Ray Lewis on the field every down.
  • The Ravens were a wildcard team that managed to go on the road and win two playoff games to that point

Those of you who remember this game remember Flacco seemed unflappable all season up to this point, and the game was not exactly kind to him. Four turnovers proved too much to overcome, but oddly enough Flacco never let the game become more than a one possession score difference until the finals minutes of the game.

We all watched the fateful drive late in the fourth quarter … Steelers ahead 16-14, fingers crossed that Joe could take us down the field one more time. Then Troy Polomalu made yet another game-changing, legendary, highlight reel play when he intercepted Flacco, returning it for a touchdown – sealing the game.

But what this game showed us most was not only the soon-to-be new face of the franchise, but also a turning point where Baltimore no longer relied purely on defensive prowess, as their offense could compete among the top tier teams.