The Kansas City Royals are Just a Hotter Team Than the Orioles


Baltimore Orioles fans were psyched heading into the playoffs. After the O’s swept the Detroit Tigers, fans got even more excited. After the Royals swept the Los Angeles Angles, there was even more excitement in the air knowing that Baltimore wouldn’t be facing the team with the best record in baseball and they would be facing a very young and inexperienced team.

Right about now, Orioles’ fans probably wish they would have faced the Angels instead of KC. The O’s have dug themselves into a 3-0 hole in this ALCS, which means their season is probably over.

The O’s were one of the hottest teams in baseball heading into the ALCS. Not one O’s fan thought they could possibly lose this series to the Royals, let alone lose the first three games. However, what fans forgot was that the Royals were just as hot.

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They came back from a large deficit and nearly took the American League Central Division crown. The race between them and the Tigers came down to the last game of the season. They settled for the wild card, but they made it farther than Detroit.

They got past the Oakland Athletics in the wild card game on a walk-off single by Salvador Perez. In the ALDS against LA, they swept the Angels, winning the first two games in extra innings and winning the third by a commanding score of 8-3.

Now they have laid down the hammer on the Baltimore Orioles. All the games have been close, but the Royals have come on top in each of them.

It’s sort of crazy when you think about it. The same Kansas City Royals that haven’t made the playoffs in 28 years, are drastically close to advancing to the World Series.

If the Orioles were to make the World Series, it would have been pretty incredible as well. They haven’t appeared in a World Series since 1983, and haven’t won a division title since 1997. They are both great stories, but it’s sad that the Orioles likely won’t be the better story.

I’m not saying the series is over, but it’s pretty close to it. A team has only come back from down 3-0 to win the series once, and I don’t think the Orioles will be the second team to do so. It’s been a great season, and hopefully the O’s will make an even larger run next season.