The Baltimore Ravens and Orioles: “Our Place”


The smell of sports isn’t just sweat from the jerseys that players play in. Or the mud that is caused by rain on the field.

It’s not only the blood that is washed away from someone’s mouth because their mouth-piece wasn’t put in properly.

The smell of sports is an alcoholic drink being wasted on someone’s shirt from toasting to their favorite football team scoring a touchdown.

It is a cigarette being smoked by a fan to calm his nerves while anticipating the results of the upcoming play that is about to happen.

These smells are caused by sports fans who gather in a place where they can enjoy a game and be one with the fanbase. With that said, I welcome you to Birdland Sports Bar & Grill.

With the outside of the bar designed with purple and orange balloons and banners it is not hard to identify that this sports bar is dedicated to fans of the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles.

Lance Franklin, a frequent patron of the bar said, “I am a huge fan of the Ravens, so I used to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the games while I enjoyed a beer, but once I found Birdlands I haven’t been back since”.

It is a true gift to Baltimore sports fans to be able to have an establishment honor their hometown teams in such a way that it makes even a loss worthwhile, said Franklin.

On any given night you can walk into Birdland Sports Bar & Grill and sample various food deals to enjoy while you watch your game, or socialize with other patrons.

Specials include Wednesdays being ladies night, with two drinks for the price of one specials, to Sunday’s brunch buffet. However, the fan favorite appears to be the 50-cent wings that are sold almost daily.

Deals like this makes a sports bar come to life, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to diehard fans — a place where they can submerge in the atmosphere and enjoy a game as one without being a part of the rest of the world for awhile.