Baltimore Orioles Win First ALDS Championship in 17 Years


Oct 5, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Baltimore Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy (2), third baseman Ryan Flaherty (3) and second baseman Jonathan Schoop (6) celebrate after defeating the Detroit Tigers in game three of the 2014 ALDS baseball playoff game at Comerica Park. The Orioles move on to the ALCS with 2-1 win over the Tigers. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

For a low-scoring game, it was a long and tedious affair that lasted for 3:44, but the Baltimore Orioles captured their first ALDS championship in 17 years by defeating the Detroit Tigers 2-1 on Sunday afternoon at Comerica Park.

The highlight of the day for Tigers fans was seeing David Price pick Nelson Cruz off first base – catching him leaning the wrong way.

The highlight of the day for Orioles fans was seeing Nelson Cruz surgically land an opposite-field fly ball into seat #1 on the front row inside the foul pole and just over the 330’ sign for a two-run home run.

Waving white towels of surrender, the Detroit fans displayed little energy at any point of the game, apart from the ninth inning. Were the shoe on the other foot, I cannot imagine OPACY ever being such a quiet and depressed place.

The mood was almost as if some sort of predestination was at work. And Miguel Cabrera appears headed for an angry winter of discontent.

Baltimore Orioles starter Bud Norris held his competitive emotions well in check, and he channeled his boundless energy into a strong fastball and nasty-enough slider to hold the Tigers scoreless in his 6.1 innings of work. He stayed out of the middle of the plate, only giving up a total of two hits.  

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  • Andrew Miller again demonstrated his great value in coming on to get five consecutive outs, getting the Orioles to the ninth inning and to Zach Britton. After giving up back-to-back doubles to Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez, he struck out Bryon Holaday with a 97 mph sinker.

    Buck visited the mound, and Britton intentionally walked the potential winning run! Are you kidding me? Buck – what are you doing?

    Nernan Perez came on to pinch hit, and he it into a 5-4-3 double play. This is why Buck Showalter is in the dugout!

    Try to imagine yourself reading this summary a year ago. Think about who we are highlighting. You would remember Bud Norris, but certainly few would imagine him starting a postseason, clinching game and throwing shutout innings. Who would have imagined Nelson Cruz with the O’s, or Andrew Miller? Would anyone have been betting on Zach Britton as a closer?

    So much credit goes to Baltimore Orioles management for putting together such a well-rounded team. And there is more to come!