Baltimore Orioles Lineup for Game 2


After a convincing 12-3 victory in Game 1 of the American League Divisional Series, let’s take a look at the Baltimore Orioles lineup for Game 2.

1. Nick Markakis, RF

2. Alejandro De Aza, LF

3. Adam Jones, CF

4. Nelson Cruz, DH

5. Steve Pearce, 1B

6. J.J. Hardy, SS

7. Ryan Flaherty, 3B

8. Caleb Joseph, C

9. Jonathan Schoop, 3B

The only difference in this lineup from yesterday’s is at the catcher position. Caleb Joseph will get the call instead of Nick Hundley, but he will also bat eighth just like Hundley did last night. Expect this to be a theme throughout the playoffs where they switch off between Joseph and Hundley at the catcher position.

Wei Yin-Chen will be on the mound to start this game against the Detroit Tigers.