Baltimore Ravens: Brandon Williams Set To Start At Nose Tackle

One of the most impressive performers for the Ravens so far this preseason has been defensive tackle Brandon Williams. The 335-pounder has been a freak of nature ever since the day training camp begun.

Defensive Line Coach Clarence Brooks has been particularly happy with the second-year man. “Brandon has progressed quite a bit,” said Brooks. “He’s got a lot of strength, he’s got toughness, he understands the scheme, and he understands what’s expected of him.”

The top nose tackle for the Ravens would have been Haloti Ngata, but thanks to Williams, Ngata might be able to move back to his original position of defensive tackle. Ngata has been the anchor of the line since 2006. Williams will hope to follow in Ngata’s footsteps because after all, who wouldn’t?

Ngata is the prototypical defensive tackle that every lineman should look up to. He combines size, athleticism, and surprising speed to be an unblockable freak.

Williams already had the size part, but after losing eight percent of his body fat, he might have added the athletic part as well. “I feel a lot better – big difference,” Williams said. “I’m not huffing and puffing as much, even in that Dallas preseason game going back-to-back [drives]. I was good. I was a little winded, but I wasn’t dogging it.”

The Ravens don’t have expectations of Williams panning out to be as great as Ngata, but that’s not what they’re hoping for. Williams has proven that he has the potential to be among the Ravens’ best defensive tackles in his short playing time last season and in practice, training camp, and preseason of this year.

The Ravens are looking forward to seeing what the big guy can do when he hits the field for a full year of playing time, and I am as well.

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