Baltimore Ravens: Offensive Additions Keep Coming in for Kubiak


Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens’ free agency continues with the signing of former Houston Texans’ tight end Owen Daniels to a one-year deal that was pending until he passed his physical earlier today.

Daniels will reunite with Gary Kubiak, who he has spent his entire eight year career with in Houston.

Daniels is similar to Dallas Clark as he can make the tough catches in the small windows. Clark and Joe Flacco could not get on the same page in the beginning of the season, so I hope Daniels and Flacco can create a connection in the early goings of the season.

With Kubiak using tight ends in his offensive schemes, I would not be surprised if Daniels has a good bit of playing time alongside Dennis Pitta as the number two tight end.

The Ravens passed on re-signing tight ends Ed Dickson and Dallas Clark. I have not heard anything about other teams signing them, so if the Ravens decided to re-sign one to add some more depth to the tight end position.

Because Kubiak likes using tight ends, I would not be surprised if the Ravens added a bit more depth to the position. Ed Dickson could fulfill that role if the Ravens bring him back, but he did fail to show the ability to play well this past season.

Dickson certainly would come in as the number three tight end behind Daniels.

The depth may be important because Daniels does not come in perfectly healthy, probably why the contract was not official until he passed his physical.

Daniels was limited to only five games with the Texans last season before being released because he failed his physical.

Daniels is another offensive addition the Ravens have added this free agency period to help Kubiak in his effort to revamp the poor offense the Ravens had last season.

Steve Smith was added, along with center Jeremy Zuttah to help the offensive line.

With the salary cap nearing, yet still nearly seven million under, pending Daniels’ contract details, the draft may be an area the Ravens will use to pad up areas they could not fix in free agency.

The offense looks strong with wide receivers Torrey Smith, Marlon Brown, Steve Smith, and Jacoby Jones along with Eugene Monroe and Zuttah to help the offensive line.

Tight ends Pitta and Daniels will fill out the arsenal Flacco will have to throw to. The Ravens still had to address the running back issue with the Ray Rice situation.

The Ravens have done so by signing running back Justin Forsett to a one-year deal, in case Rice cannot play because of a suspension, and hopefully not jail time.

Forsett also played for Kubiak in 2012 with the Texans, so he will not be unfamiliar to the offensive scheme coming to Baltimore. 

He has struggled with injuries recently, and has not been productive because of that, so clearly he has been signed for emergency purposes. I doubt Kubiak will not still bring the best out of him during his playing time.

When he is healthy, Forsett has been used out of the backfield to catch passes. If he stays healthy, he can be an effective running back for the Ravens as well as pass catcher. 

The offensive additions keep coming, and I am sure Kubiak is excited to start piecing his offense together now that it is coming together.