Baltimore Ravens, NFL, and Injuries


Injuries.  Its a big deal in the NFL.  It seemed to be the downfall of the 2013 Baltimore Ravens.  Pitta, Rice, Pierce, Jones, Flacco…is there anybody left on the offense after that besides Smith?  How the coaches, players, and owners deal with these injuries is becoming more and more like Miley Cirus: exposed in public.

In baseball especially, we have seen a ridiculous number of cases where illegal substances are being used to enhance performance and to rehab faster.  But the NFL is starting to deal with their problems too.  Consider the deer antler spray debacle with Ray Lewis. I thought someone was making this up but apparently Bambi’s dad has velvet on his antlers, and not the kind with Elvis painted on it either.  It contains IGF-1, an insulin growth-like factor, which is banned by the NFL and MLB.  But the ban got overturned when it was found to have trivial amounts of the ingredient.  Scientists are skeptical that deer antler spray works but if you want to try it you can pick up a bottle online.  I saw 12 ounces for only $445.00 and I’m sure it tastes mmm mmm good.

Just how far does money, success, and fame push people?  These NFL superstars and their counterparts are looking for any advantage…quick recoveries from injuries and surgeries and even postponing the aging process.  Take the amazing Peyton Manning.  Had his best year in this past season…he’s older than a floppy disk in a Commodore Vic20.  You could argue that this year he had more weapons to work with…but you’d be wrong.  Remember the 2004 Indianapolis Colts?  Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, and Brandon Stokley…remember them?  They were the first team to ever have three receivers with over 1,000 yards in a season!

Now I am not accusing anyone of anything illegal here.  I don’t have any “inside information” on anyone.  But you can bet that all the players are doing what they can to get that competitive edge.  Some players cross the line being blinded by money and fame and we’ll no doubt see more of that coming down the pike.