Purple Snowbowl: Ravens Cross Nordic Landscape in Baltimore


Dec 8, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback

Joe Flacco

(5) looks to pass under pressure from Minnesota Vikings defensive end

Everson Griffen

(97) at M

Sure, the snow and ice had a teeny, tiny effect on the game.  Crazy things can happen when you have weather like that. And crazy just happened. Well it happened Sunday…and the Baltimore Ravens survived a scare that frankly took years off of my life (Uncle Pauly and I are considering a class action law suit against the Ravens for just that if you want in). The Ravens’ season was extended with the two-point conversion. Then it was over. Then it wasn’t. Then it was. Then it wasn’t!

According to Elias this was the first game in NFL history with six lead changes in the 4th quarter!  Five scores in the final two minutes of the game?  Seriously!? But you already know the game details…what I want to say revolves around number 5.

What Joe Flacco did in the final not even whole minute of the game was really what he should have been able to do all day. Instead he threw three picks and his receivers dropped balls left and right.  But when it mattered most, Flacco delivered like a UPS driver. What can Flacco do for YOU?  … not to take away from what the rest of the team did during the game.

I know it’s a team effort that wins. Without Dennis Pitta, Jacoby Jones, and Marlon Brown, the Ravens don’t win. Without the defense stuffing the run like a middle schooler’s locker most of the day, they don’t win.  But we also know that in many instances a team can win or lose according to how well the quarterback plays. And we got both…several times!

The Ravens offense is capable of doing exactly what did happen.  They just haven’t put it all together.  Puzzling to be sure. Most people are chalking it up to Boldin gone, Pitta injured, and the offensive line not performing. Those things are all important, that’s for sure. But I think most fans know that the Ravens are capable of better, but what do they think the reason(s) could be?  Chime in, add a remark, throw your hat in the ring, give me your two cents…why hasn’t the Ravens offense got it going on?

I wonder if this game represents an offense getting out of a season-long funk?  I guess we’ll have to ask James Brown…HUH!