Letting the market play itself out


A big complaint of Baltimore Orioles’ fans is the propensity of Dan Duquette to let the market play itself out.  Many feel this approach leaves few good players left for the Orioles to sign.

Well, that is starting to take shape.  Jacoby Ellsbury is gone, signed by the Evil Empire for a contract that only the New York Yankees can afford for a guy with injury issues.  It makes Adam Jones’ contract look like a steal.

Robinson Cano is also off the market, after Jay-Z helped the superstar second baseman land the third largest contract in history at 10 years, $240 million with the Seattle Mariners.

Even a closer candidate that could have replaced Jim Johnson, Edward Mujica is gone, off to the Boston Red Sox, which is a curious move for a team with Koji Uehara.

Orioles’ fans could have wanted any of these players, but management is too smart to hamstring the team with the kind of huge contracts given to Cano and Ellsbury.  In fact, Randy did a great job yesterday describing how paying Jim Johnson could have done just that.

So, who is left at this point?  Well, to start the conversation, several top-tier pitchers including Ubaldo Jimenez and Matt Garza.  I would like to see Garza in black and orange for the right price.

The Orioles made a few moves yesterday, not that the clamoring fan base noticed.  Ryan Webb, a relief pitcher comes to Baltimore from the Florida Marlins, a ground ball pitcher with intriguing stats.  In addition, the O’s signed OF Francisco Peguero, who spent last year with the Giants’ organization.

One thing that the O’s organization has done under Duquette is turn cast-offs into key players.  Think of Nate McLouth, who fans still are adamant needs to return.  Maybe Webb or Peguero could play a key role next season.  Or maybe Jemile Weeks uses the change of scenery to become an everyday starter at second baseman.

Or maybe Duquette has something up his sleeve.  I’m going with this.  Patience is needed by all, because if there is one thing the Orioles are not done with, it is finding pieces to make this team competitive for 2014.  Stay tuned.