Dennis Pitta Returns to Practice for the Baltimore Ravens


September 10, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta (88) catches a touchdown pass during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at M

I hope you have not forgotten about tight end Dennis Pitta, because reports say he has returned to practice! This after fracturing his hip during training camp. I’m sure no shortage of Baltimore Raven’s fans have posted this or any media outlook has ignored this.

Whether or not he will play is another question, but it is good news to see Pitta beginning to practice for the Ravens again. He was an important piece in the Super Bowl run last season, and they need him again this year.

If the Ravens want any chance for the playoffs, he’s going to help them a lot. He led the Ravens with 10 touchdown receptions last year, and could go up for a ball, get smashed, and come down with the ball securely in his hands.

Here is a highlight reel of Pitta from 2012, and tell me the Ravens don’t need him.

The Ravens have a veteran tight end right now in Dallas Clark, who I personally have always liked, and what is better than to have Clark and Pitta playing at the same time!

Clark is slowly connecting with Joe Flacco, and is catching the awkward balls. He has good hands, and they were slow to start, but they seem to be coming around.

With both Clark and Pitta in the redzone, the Ravens may be able to settle for touchdowns, rather than fieldgoals. I am certain Clark can feed off Pitta, and Pitta can feed off Clark.

This all goes to say that Pitta comes back the same player. He hasn’t played a game all season, and did not play at all in the preseason either.

Without rushing him, the Ravens need to get him back as fast as possible. They will have to make a decision on him here soon, but I trust John Harbaugh and the others to make the right decision, whether that is having Pitta play this season, or not.

I think I can say for some certainty, these next three games at home will decide whether he comes back to play for us this season. If we are still in playoff position, I would be surprised if he does not play if he is able.

If we are no longer in playoff contention, it may be safe to keep him out and allow him a full season of recovery. Let’s hope we are in playoff contention and Pitta returns to the field. We surely do need his hands.