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Baltimore Orioles: Another Tough Day for Nolan

I’ll admit it, this may be a point of view unlike most others.  I know that one of my fellow Baltimore Wire bloggers (Randy) is also a big supporter of Nolan.  However, for me it is a little personal.

It was 2010, I was sitting at home and received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize.  I had been busy applying for jobs as a broadcast meteorologist, so I was instantly excited.

However, what was on the other side was even more exciting.  I was the winner of the Nolan Reimold Bobblehead Sweepstakes sponsored by the Orioles.  Free tickets for four people, free parking pass, on the field for batting practice, sitting right behind the plate, access to the suite level.  It was something I could only dream of as a newly graduated poor college student.

I was able to get autographs from several players, and of course Nolan Reimold bobbleheads.  But Nolan wasn’t there.  He had been sent to the minors after hitting .205 in 29 games.

My group of four was supposed to meet Nolan, who had just been sent down that week.  The PR people for the O’s were great and we joked about it.

At FanFest in 2013, I got Nolan’s autograph and I told him that I was the winner of the sweepstakes, but never got to meet him.  You could tell he was a bit embarassed, but he was cool about it, apologized and said it was nice to meet me.

So I am a fan of Nolan Reimold.  And if he is healthy, he could be a darn good player.  But, staying healthy is the concern.

And if Reimold is going to suffer to a point where his way of life is compromised, then he should walk away.  But until then, and I don’t think that time has come, the Orioles should give him the chance to be successful.

On the baseball side of things, Reimold on the DL allows someone else to make the team, likely Steve Pearce or Delmon Young.  Add in that Michael Almanzar is on the DL and the 25 man roster is starting to become clearer.

It is good that things are starting to sort themselves out so the Orioles don’t lose good players when cuts are required.  It is a bad thing that it once again is an injury to Nolan that helps that happen.

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