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Baltimore Orioles: Weighing What To Do

The Baltimore Orioles have gone from quiet to hyperactive in less than a week.

A week ago, the Orioles claimed Jimmy Paredes off waivers from the Marlins.  But he didn’t last long, as he was waived when the signing of Suk-Min Yoon was announced.

Fans still clamored for more, and they got their wish when talks of signing Ubaldo Jimenez went from quiet to deafening in seemingly seconds.  The Ubaldimore mania is alive and well, and from all he has said so far I think he will be a perfect fit on this team.

But now, there are rumors of more.  Numerous reports from many different agencies say the team is still talking to Ervin Santana.  He would be another person to throw into the rotation mix, but I honestly wonder if he is better than the five that the Orioles could throw out today?

Then there is the DH talk.  Kendrys Morales and Nelson Cruz are the two names thrown around.  Let’s face it, neither can play a lick of defense (Morales due to age, Cruz due to skill), but both know how to mash the ball.  Morales has great numbers versus the AL East, Cruz not so much.  Cruz also has the PED suspension hanging over his head.

Personally, I think I speak for a growing number of fans who says how about we just keep that money.  Unless Duquette has a major deal in the offing, none of these three make the team significantly better. If Delmon Young shows up every day and Buck can keep him motivated, playing in Camden Yards and platooning he can easily play DH.  Or it could be Henry Urrutia, who won’t provide the power numbers, but will get on base often.

Duquette has talked repeatedly about signing the core.  Use the money that could go elsewhere to keep J.J. Hardy in Baltimore for years and to give Chris Davis the contract he deserves.

Let’s face it, last year’s team was pretty darn good at hitting, and got virtually no production from DH.

What do you think the Birds should do?

Oh and one last thing, this is the last Saturday without baseball games, something we can all be excited about!

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