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2014 Super Bowl Predictions by The Baltimore Wire Staff

We at The Baltimore Wire are joining our FanSided brethren all over the network with our own Super Bowl predictions. It would be more fun for most of us if it were 2013 all over again and the Ravens were in the game. But, our ebony birds have taken off a single year, so we’ll be back again next year with that scoop.

As I did with the portion of the regular season when we were posting about the Ravens (this site launched on 11/13/13), here is a box summary that compares and ranks the two teams and their offenses and defenses relative to the rest of the NFL over the regular season …



Offense points: 1st   606 / 38 avg. Offense points: 9th   417 / 26 avg.
Offense yards: 1st 7317 / 457 avg. Offense yards: 17th 5424 / 339 avg.
Pass offense: 1st 5444 / 340 avg. Pass offense: 26th 3236 / 202 avg.
Rush offense: 15th 1873 / 117 avg. Rush offense: 4th 2188 / 137 avg.
Defense points: 22nd   399 / 25 avg. Defense points: 1st   231 / 14 avg.
Defense yards: 19th 5696 / 356 avg. Defense yards: 1st 4378 / 274 avg.
Pass defense: 27th 4070 / 254 avg. Pass defense: 1st 2752 / 172 avg.
Rush defense: 7th 1626 / 102 avg. Rush defense: 6th 1626 / 102 avg.


The chart is interesting in illustrating how the #1 offense (by FAR!) of the Denver Broncos will be going against the #1 defense of the Seattle Seahawks. The last time that happened was in 1991, when the defensive Giants prevailed over the offensive Bills, 20-19. Each team this year has a solid rushing defense, though the running game of the Seahawks is decidedly better.

Randy Buchman Prediction – So, having looked at and stated the above, along with the outdoor winter weather conditions, I believe the Seahawks have the advantage – even acknowledging that Peyton Manning is arguably among the greatest quarterbacks ever. Though my heart is with the Broncos, my head tells me it will be Seattle 21, Denver 16.

Aaron Hopkins Prediction – Aaron is our passionate Ravens fan writer who consults with the Baltimorean oracle known as “Uncle Pauly,” and he writes:  “DENVER wins 24-17.  They are a more balanced team with a great running and passing game.  Manning will outshine Wilson with a veteran’s mind and a sharp eye.”

Nate Wardle Prediction – Passionate O’s fan Nate, who is sadly a bit messed-up on football as a Dolphins follower, writes, “As with all Super Bowls, you can see a great game coming in this year’s big game. The best offense in the NFL, and one of the best statistically in NFL history, versus the best defense in the NFL. Peyton Manning, who had arguably the best year by a quarterback ever, facing a talented and brash Seattle secondary. A somehow still underrated Marshawn Lynch going up against a defense that feels disrespected itself. But when both teams get out on the field, I think one thing is going to stand out. That is the experience of Peyton Manning in a big game. Yes, you can talk about his playoff losses, his Super Bowl XLIV loss to New Orleans; but Peyton has been there, something only Ricardo Lockette has done for the Seahawks. And if you think Lockette will be a key part of Super Bowl XLVIII, well then the game is going to have a lot of twists and turns. Pete Carroll said last week that he thought the Super Bowl atmosphere would be similar to that of a bowl game. Try again, coach. This is the biggest stage in all of sports, and all the playmakers, all the bravado won’t help make up for the experience that several key players for the Broncos have. I think that experience carries Denver in a close game to a 23-21 victory. A close game where Denver’s ability to pick up enough running the ball and throwing short passes keeps Seattle just a tick slow, giving Manning the time he needs to lead the Broncos down the field.”

Jesse Buchman Prediction – UMD senior and editor’s son Jesse, our newest staffer, says under the title of Jesse’s Superb Owl Prediction – “Across all sports in this country, coaches constantly emphasize that ‘offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships.’ The veracity of this aphorism will be validated on Sunday when the Seahawks’ defense and Mother Nature collide with the Broncos’ offense. Despite playing in Denver, Peyton Manning struggles in cold weather… and the conditions Sunday night favor a defensive-focused team. At 37-years-old, there is suspicion that Peyton Manning will have an Elway-esque exit from the Super Bowl and the NFL. Although I personally am pulling for Denver, Peyton will have to wait at least one more year for the storybook ending. The only definite prediction I can make is that Peyton Manning will be more humble in defeat than Richard Sherman will be in victory.  Prediction: Seahawks 24 Broncos 21

Cory Forsyth Prediction – Our primary Terps writer and all-around good guy says, “To be honest, I could care less about the numbers in this game. There are so many great stories that I would love to see come to fruition from Super Bowl 48. You have 37-year-old Peyton Manning on the cusp of winning two Super Bowls with two different franchises as the starting quarterback. That has NEVER been done. His record-setting year speaks for itself and a victory for the Broncos would cement the best season by a quarterback in the history of the NFL. On the other hand, you have a young-gun quarterback in Russell Wilson who has his head on straight and is doing all the right things to be successful. On that same team, you have a running back who has kept a vow of silence throughout the season and a fired-up cornerback who is ready to catch some ducks. It’s the best offense versus the best defense. Throw the numbers out and get ready for a great football game. If you’re a fan of football, then this game should have you fired up. For me, I want to see Peyton win another one and I think he and the Broncos will do so with their high-powered offense.  Final Score: Broncos 37 – Seahawks 24

Jeremiah Sater Prediction – From his new college in Palm Beach, Florida, budding sports writer and O’s and Ravens fan Jeremiah had the most to say…

“The Seattle Seahawks are in the prime position to win the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. In a matchup of the best defense versus the best offense, the defense will prevail.

They say defense wins championships for a good reason. When it comes down to it, a team needs a good defense to seal the game.

The Broncos have had a flustered defense, which has been very inconsistent. Even if Peyton Manning can push through the Seahawk’s defense to score 20 points (if not a few more), the Bronco’s defense is not good enough to do the same against the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson should be able to take advantage of his defense giving him good field position to bring in some easy touchdowns. After forcing 34 turnovers during the regular season, the Seahawks should look to take the ball away to help feed their offense.

Manning has begun to show a human side in the late season, throwing more interceptions than previously. Therefore, I believe the Seahawks are going to take advantage of this, though only if Manning is pressured.

The game will come down to the Seahawks’ defense – both the defensive line and secondary. I believe their defense is good enough to hold Manning down and put enough pressure on him to force turnovers.

With that said, I am predicting a 31-20 Seattle victory over Denver. Manning will throw for as many yards as he pleases, but will throw at least two interceptions. The interceptions are going to lead to Seahawk points, which will essentially decide the game.

Richard Sherman will have something to talk about at some point in this game. I don’t know what it will be, but he will have something to talk about.”

Summary – So there you have it!  Three predictions for each side! The closest will win a valuable price to be announced by the editor next week!

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