Dec 21, 2013; Cheney, WA, USA; Towson Tigers running back Terrance West (28) is brought down by Eastern Washington Eagles linebacker Ronnie Hamlin (39) during the first half at Roos Field. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Crab Soup Bowl #8 of Baltimore Sports

This is the eighth of what is a regular weekly feature on The Baltimore Wire of links to interesting Baltimore and Maryland sports stories on the web.

In the bowl of crab soup this week are links to these stories

Ingredient #1 – This article called “The Orioles Stars and Scrubs Problem” got a lot of play and repeat around Birdland in the past week. It says, as the title indicates, that the Orioles are trying to win by having five of the best players any team could have, with a supporting cast beyond that of total scrubs. A quote:  “There’s some validity to taking a lot of crap, throwing it against a wall, and seeing what sticks, but that’s a better plan for a team that is trying to build for the future than a team that has five guys who would fit nicely on the best team in baseball.”

Ingredient #2 – Towson’s star running back Terrance West will be headed to the NFL draft this year rather than returning to the university as reported in this article. He rushed for 2,509 yards and 41 touchdowns. He is seen as a possible third-round choice.

Ingredient #3 – As I wrote in a mock draft article recently, the Ravens may well take a wide receiver in the first round of the draft. Here is an article that talks about how deep that position is in the college draft this year.

Ingredient #4 – Here is a list by of the top 100 prospects in minor league baseball. The Orioles have five players – Kevin Gausman at 15, Dylan Bundy at 18, Eduardo Rodriguez at 36, Hunter Harvey at 43, and Jonathan Schoop at 87.

Ingredient #5 – There has been an ongoing and contentious battle between the University of Maryland and the ACC. It is complicated, and it sounds like it continues to be very nasty and has marks of being similar to a junior high school girl fight. HERE is an article about it.

Ingredient #6 – The entire Grant Balfour debacle has taken an interesting turn in the last week, as reports surfaced that the hesitation of the Orioles to consummate the deal was not regarding his shoulder after all, but was rather about a knee and wrist. What to believe? Will the truth ever come out on this? HERE is an article about the latest stuff. I just wish none of this had happened and Balfour was coming to the O’s in good condition – could have been quite a great show.

Ingredient #7 – Who will get Japanese pitcher Tanaka? One would logically think now it has to be the Yankees – with the savings from ARod, the Dodgers spending big on Kershaw … HERE is a clear article on it from our own network.

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